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I love taking classes at Winnipeg Kickboxing and Muay Thai for a few reasons.  Of course, it's a great workout!  Kickboxing is both fun and challenging. The best part of the gym though, is the atmosphere. The people are friendly, welcoming, and encouraging.  Coach Trisha is fun and personable, offering an inviting environment while also promoting the aspects of respect and hard work that come with the sport.  When you join Winnipeg Kickboxing and Muay Thai you get the sense that you are joining a family, where your classmates are not just your peers, but they are your training partners as well as your friends.  Kickboxing classes are great for any skill level, whether you are a total beginner or a competitive athlete.  Highly recommend!


I’ve been training at Winnipeg Kickboxing and Muaythai for almost 2 years and have seen my skills progression grow quickly due to my Coach Trisha Sammons pragmatic training methods, my   teammates healthy competitive energy and willingness to teach and help me improve to my best ablity from the day I started training. 


If you are looking for a gym, that is personable, warm, friendly, caring, and most of all like a family environment that would be Winnipeg Kickboxing &Muay Thai. 
I have been training here for 3 years now and I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to do kickboxing/Muay Thai. 

The environment is warm and welcoming no matter what your level of experience. Trish got me up and moving and the rest of the team, to this day, will not let use any excuses to not train. The team here are all so helpful and kind and will help you adapt the training to your abilities. 


Training for 5 months: Winnipeg kickboxing is an excellent gym that fosters a supportive learning  environment. Trisha Sammons, our instructor, is highly experienced, and I believe my rapid improvement has been due to the guidance of her and my fellow gym members. Even for those who may feel intimidated learning a marital art, Winnipeg Kickboxing provides a safe and encouraging environment to do so. I personally never leave a training session without having learned a valuable lesson.


I love this gym they keep you motivated all the time.
Everybody is friendly and nice. People here train hard and push you to your limits but keep the workouts fun.


Winnipeg kickboxing & muay thai has brought so much more to this sport than I could have imagined. I've been doing kickboxing since 2014, however I've been with winnipeg KB since March 2018. The progress I made the first year surpassed what I had learned 4 years at my prior gym. What Trisha provides as a coach and leader is over and above what most do, always encouraging you to get to class and trains right along with you. 
It's a great place for all levels, beginner,  intermediate, and fighter. Definitely a great place to start into the sport and evolve it to where best suits you!
I am so grateful for having this gym apart of my every day routine! 


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